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  1. Water use right allocation based on available water resources
  2. System reliability optimization allocation based on cost minimization
  3. Research on the method of profit allocation based on virtual supply chain
  4. Algorithm analysis and simulation for frequency allocation based on graph theory
  5. A research on analysis models of higher education resources allocation based on dea
  6. It's difficult to find allocation base in a sentence. 用allocation base造句挺難的
  7. Thus , the network resource allocation based on need and optimization is desperate
  8. Postivist analysis of industrial financial resources allocation based on the theory of life cycle
  9. The model and method of the middle and lower basins of hanjiang river water resource allocation based on gray relational entropy
  10. This paper puts forward a protocol of address auto - allocation based on multi - agent wsnmaap ( wireless sensor network multi - agents address allocation protocol ) , which can improve expansibility and uniqueness
    本文提出了一種基于多代理的地址配置協議wsnmaap ( wirelesssensornetworkmulti - agentsaddressallocationprotocol ) ,能夠提高網絡的可擴展性,并實現網內節點地址的唯一性。
  11. Resource allocation based on need is to allocate limited network resource according to the need of different users , in order to sate various applications . the aim of optimization is to allocate resource more reasonably , in order to minimize the total cost of the whole net , to maximize the utility
  12. This way of thinking differs from that of government " s directly investing in environmental industry . however , it requires mutual functions of both the government interference and market mechanism so that the persons of medium income level may arrive at more productive factors , which is possible for them to get more income according to the principle of " allocation based on productive factors "
  13. Thirdly , this thesis discusses the producing background and basic concept of var risk control technique , moreover detailedly introduces the computational method of var and the adopts measuring technique on market risk to analyze the market risk which asset management department is faced in demonstration , finally it recommend the method of risk capital allocation based on var detailedly
  14. Based on various allocation principle , allocation methods of the total amount for the atmosphere pollutants of point source in cities were divided into several categories : uniform proportion abatement , allocation according to the target of environmental quality , allocation based on certain benchmark , allocation based on economic index , and optimal means
  15. Service - oriented method for grid resources allocation based on sealedbid auction considering dynamic , heterogeneous and autonomous characteristics of resources in the computational grid environment and the advantages of economics mechanism were applied to solve the problem of resource allocation , a service - oriented framework of grid s . .
    針對計算網格環境下資源的動態性異構性和自治性,以及應用經濟機制解決資源分配問題的優勢,以面向服務的思想,提出了一個基于ogsa的架構的網格服務市場的資源分配框架sbagrm ,在此框架下給出了暗標拍賣的模型,并對暗標拍賣博弈的bayes均衡點以及系統在均衡狀態的效率,策
  16. To deal with the cost allocation problem in composite market environment including both power pool trade and bilateral / multilateral trade , an original method called shapely value is introduced at first . then the flow chart for cost allocation based on ems / scada is designed
    針對在同時有powerpool交易和雙邊多邊交易的混合市場模式下,各電網用戶對設備利用份額不易確定的情況,提出了采用shapley值進行費用分攤的思想,并給出了基于ems scada進行費用分配的程序流程。


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