1. Effect of alloxan combined with atropine on induction of diabetes mellitus in rodents
  2. Influence of qiangyi jiangtang capsule on blood sugar of rat and rabbit caused by alloxan
  3. Effects of chromium nicotinate on the content of liver starch of diabetic mice induced by alloxan
  4. Effects of tang mai kang capsules on angiopathy and neuropathy in mic e of alloxan - induced diabetes
  5. Effect of chromium - rich chinese drug and chromium - rich well water on the biochemical indices of rats with alloxan diabetes
  6. It's difficult to find alloxan in a sentence. 用alloxan造句挺難的
  7. Effects of saponin extracted from zea mays l on pathogenic diabetic mouse model caused by administration of alloxan and glucose
  8. Effect of total saponins in leaf of radix panacis quinquefolii on blood sugar and serum insulin in rats with alloxan induced hyperglycemia
  9. Alkaloid from chinese wolfberry bark can ease the impairment of islet tissues of diabetic rat caused by alloxan and repair the islet b cells
  10. Methods observe the hypoglycemic effect of the alcohol extract from the roots of salacia hainanensis on alloxan model mice , and the influence on the blood glucose level of the glucose - loaded mice and normal mice
  11. The ic50 of the active agent purified by carbon column is 0 . 525 mg / ml , which is better than that of acarbose ( ic5o = 0 . 9mg / ml ) . the zymosis juice of w - 20 can greatly decrease hyperglycemia level of mice by alloxan in glucose tolerance test
    該組分對ph穩定,在叫葉范圍內,抑制率80 :對熱相對較穩定,在90以下仍有75的抑制率。過柱后的粗組分icso約為0
  12. Results the alcohol extract from the roots of salacia hainanensis could significantly reduce the blood glucose levels of the alloxan mice and the glucose - loaded mice , while had no hypoglycemic effect on the normal mice


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