alluvial aquifer造句

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  1. Many aquifers, such as alluvial aquifers, occur entirely within regolith.
  2. A young woman drinks water dug from the sand of the Mushawe alluvial aquifer.
  3. However, the lower Mushawe River bed forms an alluvial aquifer, which generally holds water year-round.
  4. Groundwaters sustain rivers, wetlands, and lakes, as well as subterranean ecosystems within karst or alluvial aquifers.
  5. The Thuli River below Thuli-Makwe Dam is a sand filled channel, with alluvial aquifers in the river channel.
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  7. The lower Mzingwane River is a sand filled channel, with extensive alluvial aquifers in the river channel and below the alluvial plains.
  8. Water for Maranda ( No 1 ) Business Centre is abstracted from the alluvial aquifer below the Mushawe River, slightly upstream of the photo shown above.
  9. The heavy dependence on shallow alluvial aquifers is of some concern to planners, as most suburbs of Rapid City use septic systems for domestic sewage treatment.
  10. All three suffer from seawater intrusion due to groundwater overdraft, the worst affected being the Aromas aquifer . The Alluvial aquifer is heavily polluted by agricultural runoff.
  11. Tipton lies on the northern portion of the Tillman Terrace Aquifer, an alluvial aquifer in western Tillman County, associated with the southern extent of the North Fork of the Red River.
  12. In 2007, archaeological excavations, at the " Rue du Man鑗e ", uncovered the earliest traces of human occupation in Amiens, in an alluvial aquifer perched at above the bottom of the current valley.
  13. The farmers have increased by nearly tenfold the amount of water pumped from the Alluvial Aquifer, even as its level was declining by more than a foot a year, the state Soil and Water Commission said.
  14. Physical water resources in Jamaica consist of ample groundwater captured in both limestone and alluvial aquifers and many important rivers that provide a good source of water for the agriculture communities of the rural highlands and coastal lowlands.
  15. Together with the state and the Army Corps of Engineers, the farmers are supporting a $ 300 million project that would tap the White River to replace irrigation water from the Alluvial Aquifer, which has declined to perilously low levels.


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