alluvial area造句

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  1. Quaternary Period rocks are sometimes found in alluvial areas along streambeds.
  2. Sands, silts and gravels, common to all glaciated alluvial areas were frequently quarried.
  3. In the alluvial areas of southeastern Tasmania, rich alluvial soils permit apples to be grown.
  4. The total alluvial area of the delta is estimated at around, while today the delta takes up roughly.
  5. There are comparably small alluvial areas of the Adriatic coast in Croatia & mdash; most notably the Neretva Delta.
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  7. Wide alluvial areas, especially in the eastern part of the zone, are planted with rice and subsequently are double cropped with winter wheat and barley.
  8. The area of Jeffrey Street was probably the most attractive area ( from an agricultural perspective ), being a fertile alluvial area leading to a small beach near the current wharf at Jeffrey Street.
  9. The original shallow alluvial area at Lower Camp covered less than 0.4ha and by 1916 most miners either had returned to Plutoville, prospecting the surrounding countryside, or had left the region altogether.


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