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  1. He ground the soft local chalk together with alluvial clay from the kiln.
  2. Extensive deposits of fine alluvial clays of homogenous texture border the stream in some areas.
  3. The station is made up of broad sandy plains with areas of alluvial clay plains.
  4. The soil is mostly alluvial clays.
  5. The coastal plains in Gujarat are composed of alluvial clays with a layer of black soils on the surface.
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  7. The floor of the karst field is covered in alluvial clay to deep, deposited on relatively pure Jurassic limestone.
  8. The property is composed of broad sandy plains with low dunes and alluvial clay plains that all make suitable grazing for stock.
  9. Millions of years of glaciation and resulting erosion and fill have resulted in many ravines that have been subsequently filled with glacial till and alluvial clays.
  10. With a site consisting of 25 m of reclaimed land on top of 15 m of alluvial clay, piles were designed to be 40 m long.
  11. Subsequently, six more cement works were built along Limehouse Reach, all using the chalk that forms the Frindsbury ridge, and alluvial clay from the Medway Estuary.
  12. Throughout the " comarca ", it crosses alluvial clay terrains, which erodes easily, causing the river to carve a deep path into the soil.
  13. A channel of the 莂r _ amba river once flowed between the two mounds, and the settlement was built on alluvial clay which may have been favourable for early agriculture.
  14. The oldest of these sediments are Early Cretaceous alluvial clays, silts, and sands that contain layers of conglomerate, tuff, tuffaceous sandstone, coal, and, at top, rhyolite.
  15. The commercial center of Guayaquil is established on alluvial clay deposits interbedded with silty and clayey sand sediments, and the southwestern and southern part of Guayaquil directly lies on lands reclaimed from marshland.
  16. Excavations were also made below the royal tombs layer : a layer of alluvial clay covered the remains of earlier habitation, including pottery from the Ubaid period, the first stage of settlement in southern Mesopotamia.
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