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  1. The last form an alluvial delta, before the river empties into the Adriatic Sea.
  2. The Amida River flows north towards the Sea of Japan and forms an alluvial delta in Daisen.
  3. The Pearl River Delta is actually two alluvial deltas, separated by the core branch of the Pearl River.
  4. It appears that the deer s strong preference for a particular habitat  tall reed and grass areas in rich alluvial deltas-has restricted its potential to colonize further afield.
  5. The weathering of arsenic-rich minerals prevalent in the Himalayas and their gradual transport and deposition in the alluvial deltas below, followed by microbially mediated arsenic solubilization, are thought to be major mechanisms of arsenic mobilization into aquifers within the region.
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  7. "' { uBawy Wi [ lane "'( fens, plural from " | uBawa " ) is the alluvial delta area of Vistula, in large part reclaimed artificially by means of dykes, pumps, channels ( over 17000 km of total length ) and extensive drainage system.


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