alluvial fan deposit造句

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  1. By 2010, 20 hard rock deposits and 2 gravel alluvial fan deposits were being developed.
  2. The upper soil surface above the Santa Rosa Plain is composed of Plio-Pleistocene alluvial fan deposits.
  3. The urban center of Taganga is situated on alluvial fan deposits fed by the hinterland of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  4. The Wadi Al-Batin river system would have been responsible for deposition of the Dibdiba Formation ( similar to an alluvial fan deposit, both morphologically and sedimentologically ).
  5. Elsewhere, beekite has been compared to silcrete, indicating a break in sedimentation, where it occurs as encrustations on clasts of carbonate rock in the Palaeocene alluvial fan deposits of central Anatolia.
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  7. Finally, on top of everything else, is a relatively thin layer of fanglomerate ( alluvial fan deposits ) laid down during the late Pleistocene ( Bureau of Land Management 1992 : 31 ).
  8. The coast includes the Southerndown Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest at its heart, a section from Ogmore-by-Sea, particularly interesting for its exposed Triassic alluvial fan deposits of carboniferous limestone.


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