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  1. these channels are most common near the apex of the alluvial fan body .
  2. a number of alluvial fans along the base of a mountain may coalesce to form a continuous alluvial slope .
  3. upward-fining channels may occur in a wide range of environments, from submarine canyon to alluvial fan .
  4. small alluvial fans at mouths of wet weather drainage ways also are commonly intermixed indistinguishably .
  5. there are four alluvial fans arranged as a string of beads from the south to the north
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  7. there are two types of sedimentary facies in this region : the alluvial fan and the braided fluvial river
  8. from paleocene to miocene, the sedimentary facies evolved from the extensive alluvial fan to the braided fluvial river environment
  9. the deposits in shanxi stage are, from north to south, alluvial fans, braided stream, meandering stream, delta plain, delta front and littoral sediments
  10. the sedimentary systems were alluvial fan-braided fluvial river-lacustrine depositional systems during the paleocene-eocene, and braided fluvial river-lacustrine depositional systems during the oligocene-miocene
  11. in the basin, there were some different sedimentary systems-river sedimentary system, lake sedimentary system, the delta sedimentary system, fan delta sedimentary system and alluvial fan sedimentary system
  12. it was mainly river sedimentary system in early jurassic period, lake sedimentary system and delta sedimentary system in middle-later jurassic period and there are fan delta sedimentary system and alluvial fan sedimentary system in the edge of basin
  13. a 2-d model for debris flow is tested by experimental data of debris flow deposition . the plane extent, maximum length and width of the alluvial fan are computed under different conditions of supply process, initial ground slope and flow density
  14. the sedimentary facies show a depositional evolution from the deep-water sediments through shallow-water sediments to the continental sediments, including alluvial fan, river, lake, delta ( tide-dominated ), barrier coast, shallow sea, deep sea and volcanic debris flow deposits
  15. the upper cretaceous jingzhushan formation in the biru basin, xizang consists of a succession of coarse-grained elastic rocks in the alluvial fan-fan delta depositional system, intercalated with intermediate-acidic volcanic rocks including dacite, andesite, quartz trachyandesite and rhyolite
  16. after integrated studies on sedimentary facies and geochemical character in this area, it is concluded that the oil and gas reserves in this district are mainly controlled by fans such as fan-detal, denthic fans and alluvial fans . and that pool foration in the area under study is of multi-phase character
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