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  1. Study of the genesis and engineering characteristics of changjiang river alluvial flat soft soil of a power plant
  2. The researches of dynamic behavior and liquefaction potential of saturated sands have been further . however , more and more macroscopic liquefaction phenomena and experimental investigations show that different depositional environments lead to different structure of soils , while the influence of structure property of soils on liquefaction resistance is no less than that of density and consolidation stress and so on . ancient alluvial flat deposits , namely recently deposited soils , are easier liquefaction during earthquake
  3. With the help of settlement plate , the author conducts observation more than 2 years on highway embankment built on the yiluo river alluvial flat in henan province . as a result many of data have been obtained . through analysising and studying these data , the occurring process of settlement and rate of settlement of the alluvial flat soft clay base under embankment have been found
    本文以伊洛河河灘相軟土為研究對象,利用沉降板對路堤荷載作用下的軟土地基沉降進行了長達兩年多的觀測,獲得了大量的沉降數據,通過對這些數據的分析研究,推算出沉降系數m _ s和固結參數,并得到了河灘相軟土地基固結沉降速率的變化規律。
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