1. Hplc analysis indicated that a . vera l . growing under shaded conditions had remarkably lower aloin content in its leaves that it growing under natural light did
  2. Transmission electron microscope and hplc were adopted to study cellular ultrastructures and aloin contents of aloe vera l . growing under shaded condition and natural light
  3. The aloin content of the young leaves under shaded conditions was only 63 . 33 % of that under natural light and the aloin content of the mature leaves under shaded condition was 23 . 77 % of that under natural light
    其中,遮蔭下幼葉蘆薈素的含量是自然光照下的63 . 33 % ,而成熟葉蘆薈素含量僅有自然光照下的23 . 77 % 。
  4. Whether a . vera l . grew under shaded conditions or natural light , its aloin content was significantly and negatively correlated with the age of the leaves and the age of its mature leaves showed much more influence
  5. The results in these two respects indicated that shading first exerted influence on the development of inner membrance systems in the leaves of a . vera l . and then affect aloin synthesis and transport thereby reducing the aloin content in the leaves of a . vera l
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