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  1. Many research such as clay minerals , suspend in the sea , the grain size trend analysis of surface sediment , poc 6 cu and 8 c13 in bottom sediments etc . showed that : the yellow sea warm current divided the south yellow sea into two , the terrestrial material of modern sediment on the west shelf plain mainly came from the modem yellow river suspend carried by the alongshore current , and the sediment difference between the west and east side of yellow sea trough was represented by the sedimentation thickness in postglacial period , sedimentation stratum , and oxygen isotope record
    粘土礦物、碳酸鹽、粗碎屑、海域懸浮體、表層沉積物粒度趨勢分析、 poc c ~ ( 13 )及底質沉積物的c ~ ( 13 )等多方面研究表明:以黃海暖流為主導,南黃海堆積陸架平原西側現代沉積物陸源物質主要源于黃海沿岸流攜帶的現代黃河懸移物質,黃海槽東西兩側的沉積差異主要表現在冰消期以來沉積厚度、沉積層序、氧同位素記錄上。
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