altimont butler造句

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  1. Altimont Butler scored for the Clash ( 5-6 ) in the 68th minute.
  2. Columbus'Peter Marino and Altimont Butler of the Clash had the other shootout goals.
  3. Key defender Gregory Messam, who missed the Costa Rica game due to suspension, returns to replace midfielder Altimont Butler.
  4. Midfielders : Altimont Butler ( Jamaica ), Marcelo Carrera, Jason Farrell, Rob Jachym, Doctor Khumalo ( S . Africa ), Brian Maisonneuve, Rob Smith, Billy Thompson, Robert Warzycha ( Poland ), Todd Yeagley.
  5. Jamaica : Warren Barrett; Dean Sewell, Lenval Dixon, Durrant Brown, Ian Goodison, Gregory Messam; Peter Cargill, Steve Malcolm, Theodore Whitmore ( Altimont Butler, 81 ); Andrew Williams, Paul Young ( Ricardo Gardner, 73 ).
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  7. Notable games that year were exhibitions against Danish club Viborg FF and a game featuring a team of several former Rob Johnson and Petter Villegas, both of which would go on to play for the MetroStars, and Altimont Butler, who would play for the San Jose Clash.


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