1. There, Altina studied painting with her cousin, Ren?Bensussan.
  2. It directly continues into Altina on the north-west.
  3. In New York, Altina studied with Samuel Halpert at the Roerich Museum.
  4. When Altina traveled to Santa Fe for the summer, Miranda accompanied her there.
  5. Despite that, over 1, 000 small family companies and shops operate in Altina.
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  7. As a result of non-planned, accelerated growth Altina grew almost into the slum.
  8. Upon graduation from Dana Hall, Mrs . Schinasi took Altina and her sister to Paris.
  9. In Grosz classes, Altina again encountered Salvador Dal?who came to make use of the model.
  10. Historian Altina Waller argued that these initial investigations deliberately overemphasized the role of ethnic tension between Irish and blacks.
  11. In 1973, Altina Schinasi relocated to Washington D . C . where she would live for seventeen years.
  12. Altina grew into the small town, with over 50 streets, adjoining the Zemun's western urban area.
  13. It borders the neighborhoods of Altina on the south and in the northeast it extends in the direction of Zemun Polje.
  14. George Grosz, a German artist that Altina had long admired, settled in New York after fleeing Hitler s regime in 1932.
  15. Ibrahim was born on 1 January 1955 in Altina, Darfur, in what was then the Anglo-Egyptian colony of Sudan.
  16. Schinasi lived at the mansion with his wife, Laurette, and three daughters, Victoria, Juliette, and Altina for almost twenty years.
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