1. WITH : Altinay Ghelich Taghani ( Amanagol ) and Soghra Karimi ( Belghies ).
  2. The young woman, Amanagol ( played with unshakable gravity by Altinay Ghelich Taghani ), barely speaks in this film by Maryam Shahriar, communicating instead with her large eyes.
  3. In early 2011, Altinay published " Global Civics : Responsibilities and Rights in an Interdependent World, " a book of articles on global civics put forth by academics and intellectuals all around the world.
  4. "The course has helped internalize the idea that the military has a space in civilian life, " said Ayse Gul Altinay, a cultural anthropologist who interviewed dozens of students and teachers on the topic.
  5. The term "'global civics "'was first coined by Hakan Altinay, a nonresident senior fellow with the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, in a working paper published in March 2010.
  6. It's difficult to find altinay in a sentence. 用altinay造句挺難的
  7. Mete Nezihi Altinay, reportedly the leader of the Revolutionary Peoples Salvation Party-Front, DHKP-C, was among those killed in a clash near the village of Yukariasarcik, said Gov . Aydin Guclu in Sivas, some 450 kilometers ( 270 miles ) east of Ankara.
  8. Anthropologist Ayse G黮 Altinay has commented that " given equal suffrage rights, there is no other citizenship practice that differentiates as radically between men and women as compulsory male conscription " and continues elsewhere, stating that " any attempt to de-gender nationalism and citizenship needs to incorporate a discussion of universal male conscription ".


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