1. Two other police officers linked to Altinbas'death are being tried separately.
  2. Altinbas'lawyer Ender Buyukculha said by telephone.
  3. Four others who arrested Altinbas were acquitted.
  4. Police took Birtan Altinbas, a leftist student, into custody with three other students in January 1991.
  5. Altinbas'lawyer Oya Aydin demanded that the court question why police failed to bring Bastan to justice for many years.
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  7. "The court was very generous toward the policemen, " said lawyer Ender Buyukculha, representing Altinbas'family.
  8. The court convicted Ahmet Bastan, one of the five officers who had interrogated Altinbas, of torture and manslaughter, NTV said.
  9. Ten policemen are standing trial in two linked court cases for allegedly torturing and causing the death of Birtan Altinbas in custody in January 1991.
  10. It is cheaper because it is made partly with pure alcohol, while Altinbas and the mid-grade Kulup are made with fermented grapes only.
  11. There are three grades, but even drinkers who could easily afford the small premium for the highest grade, Altinbas, say the basic Yeni raki is best.
  12. Prosecutor Semsettin Yesil on Friday asked the court to convict and sentence four policemen, who interrogated Altinbas in custody, to eight years in prison in their re-trial.
  13. The court convicted four policemen _ Ibrahim Dedeoglu, Sadi Cayli, Suleyman Sinkil and Hasan Cavit Orhan _ who had interrogated Altinbas of torture and manslaughter, the Anatolia news agency reported.
  14. "Failings like these contribute to trials being drawn out for extended periods, sometimes so prolonged that they collapse because the statute of limitations has been exceeded, " the Amnesty International said last month about Altinbas'case.
  15. U . S . Secretary of State Colin Powell recently wrote to Turkey's Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, urging that all the accused be brought before the court in the case of Altinbas, who was a student at Ankara's Hacettepe University Computer Engineering Department.


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