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  1. Agency : Ammirati Puris Lintas, a unit of the Interpublic Group of Companies.
  2. The campaign was created by ad agency Ammirati Puris Lintas.
  3. APL Digital is the " first subbrand ever for the Ammirati Puris Lintas network,"
  4. MONTBLANC International named Ammirati Puris Lintas Hamburg agency off record for its worldwide business.
  5. The campaign was created by Ammirati Puris Lintas.
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  7. Other Interpublic units like McCann-Erickson, Ammirati Puris Lintas and Lowe Group also work for General Motors.
  8. The campaign was created by the Ammirati Puris Lintas unit of the Interpublic Group in New York.
  9. The worldwide account, formerly with BBDO, was awarded to Ammirati Puris Lintas after an extensive selection process.
  10. With strategic thinking and creative development across borders, Ammirati Puris Lintas will further develop the Montblanc brand worldwide.
  11. The campaign, from New York agency Ammirati Puris Lintas, features Mr . Potato Head at a news conference.
  12. As a fourth network of Interpublic, Draft Direct will join Ammirati Puris Lintas, the Lowe Group and McCann-Erickson Worldwide.
  13. Ammirati Puris Lintas is undertaking a search for a chairman and chief executive of its flagship New York office.
  14. Agencies : Y & R Advertising, Jell-O; the Ammirati Puris Lintas unit of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Planters.
  15. Duncan Pollack, a longtime top executive at Ammirati Puris Lintas in New York, said Sunday that he had resigned.
  16. For international needs, Hill, Holliday will be aligned with Ammirati Puris Lintas, one of the four Interpublic worldwide agencies.
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