analysing the composition造句

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  1. later i visited the quite extraordinary synchrotron facility : a vast, giant source of light that in the most microscopic detail allows us to break down and analyse the composition of material
  2. by analysing the composition of the flora of 18 rare and endangered plants and national conservative plants in dashanfeng, showed the result that this area has characteristics of dominant woody plants, old origin, rich remaining plants, complicated distribution types and many endemic species
  3. the java platform is the core of the model . through analysing the composition of java platform and embedded java virtual machine-kaffe's principle and system structure, this thesis proposes a scheme that porting the kaffe awt to qt / e graphic library and realized on embedded linux
  4. this text introduces economic development of fenghua and interior river and transports the current situation at first, including the respects, such as resource, port facilities, inland channel of inland port, etc ., analyse the composition of passenger-cargo traffic volume at present of fenghua, and predict its throughput of water transport goods, put forward the necessity of building and using green engineering construction of harbour of inland centre of fenghua
  5. at first, on the basis of analyzing the structure of the freeway monitoring system, the paper puts forward systematic network structure; secondly, it has analysed the composition and function of the montoring software . because this section of road conditions of freeway is very complicated, and there are a lot of tunnels along the freeway, in addition, the weather of some freeway sections is fogy . the system is divided into three subsystems in the function : the freeway section controlling, the fogy district controlling and the tunnel controlling; thirdly, the main software of the freeway monitoring system is analysed and designed in the dissertation; at last, the structure of procedure and user's interface are given, and the monitoring software of the freeway is implemented
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