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  1. New discussion of analysis mode of the word meaning change
  2. On intergral business information analysis mode
  3. Two - order analysis mode of the design of gis application database
  4. Sets the writer to analysis mode
  5. In the second part , we give the analyses mode
  6. It's difficult to find analysis mode in a sentence. 用analysis mode造句挺難的
  7. On the historical institutional analysis mode of the credibility of jin merchants
  8. In the first pass , the writer is in analysis mode and uses all calls made to it to analyze form output
  9. The analysis modes used by now are summarized , and the duncan e - b model and the cambridge model are introduced particularly
    綜述了目前常用的土體本構模型,著重介紹了鄧肯e - b模型和劍橋模型。
  10. The summary area of the expert collision analysis mode will make recommendations regarding what stations should be checked for failing hardware
  11. ( 4 ) the logistic regression analysis mode and information value method are successfully used to have a hazard assessment of landslide and have had an ideal effect
    ( 4 )成功的將邏輯回歸模型和信息量法用于滑坡危險性評價,并取得了較為理想的效果。
  12. The systemic and detailed exergy analysis modes of building heating and cooling system have been founded , which reflected the energy transaction and loss of building heating and cooling system in quality and amount
  13. Determination of the unbound clozapine concentration in human serum albumin ( has ) , human plasma , rabbit serum and plasma samples by capillary electrophoresis in the frontal analysis mode ( ce / fa ) was developed
  14. A practical displacement back - analysis mode is suggested in this paper , based on the genetic algorithms . exerting non - linear finite element theorem and using fortran to write the gaef program
    本文建立了基于遺傳算法的深挖路塹邊坡土體參數優化反演分析模型,結合非線性有限元法,利用fortran語言編制了gaef反演程序和非線性有限元分析程序nef 。
  15. The main work and conclusions of this paper followed as below : ( 1 ) based on viewpoint of the catastrophe and social management , study idea and analysis mode of the carrier causing transportation catastrophe and forewarning management system is established
    本論文的主要工作與結論是: ( 1 )建立了立足于災害和社會管理層面,研究交通載運工具致災機理以及預警管理系統的研究思想與分析模型。
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