andrus veerpalu造句


  1. Andrus Veerpalu, Estonia, 38 minutes 13.8 seconds.
  2. Olympic champion Andrus Veerpalu participated on his 5th Winter Olympics.
  3. Ivanov had to settle for silver and Andrus Veerpalu of Estonia took the bronze.
  4. Estonia's Andrus Veerpalu won the bronze, 38.6 seconds back.
  5. Estonia's Andrus Veerpalu won the bronze.
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  7. Mikhail Ivanov of Russia won the silver and Andrus Veerpalu of Estonia took the bronze.
  8. The defending Olympic champion was the Estonian Andrus Veerpalu, who won in Salt Lake.
  9. Ivanov took silver and Andrus Veerpalu of Estonia, the 15K gold medalist, was third.
  10. 15k classical _ Andrus Veerpalu, Estonia
  11. Countryman Anders Aukland was third, followed by a pair of Estonian skiers Andrus Veerpalu and Jaak Mae.
  12. Andrus Veerpalu delighted the big home crowd lining the course by finishing third, 1.5 seconds behind.
  13. This was nearly ten minutes slower than the gold medallist, Andrus Veerpalu of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  14. Andrus Veerpalu became the oldest world champion in history with his victory at Liberec 2009 on the 15 km classical event.
  15. Andrus Veerpalu of Estonia came virtually out of nowhere to clinch the silver, while Mikhail Botwinov of Austria took the bronze.
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