1. In January 1944, Andrusenko became commander of the 5th Army.
  2. In September, Andrusenko was awarded the Order of Kutuzov 2nd class.
  3. Andrusenko was wounded three times during the period he led the 239th Regiment.
  4. Andrusenko organized the collection of the rafts, boats, and tools available for the crossing.
  5. Defense lawyer Andrei Andrusenko told the court Friday that Russia cannot call the designs a state secret.
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  7. Colonel Kornei Andrusenko was given command of the division in the first days of January, 1944.
  8. From June 1918, Andrusenko fought with the 1st Soviet Partisan Group in the Russian Civil War.
  9. Andrusenko joined the Red Army in 1918, fighting in the Russian Civil War in Ukraine and the Polish Soviet War.
  10. For his actions, Andrusenko received the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin on 15 January 1944.
  11. Andrusenko commanded two different rifle regiments in the Battle of Moscow before taking command of the 55th Rifle Division, leading it in Operation Bagration and the Baltic Offensive.
  12. "' Viacheslav Andrusenko "'( born 14 May 1992 ) is a Russian men's 4 ?200 metre freestyle relay event at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  13. In the spring of 1945 Andrusenko took command of the 184th Rifle Division in the Soviet Far East and led it in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in August of that year.


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