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"angle book"是什麽意思   


  1. There are few areas that have more angling books dedicated to it than the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
  2. The village has a hotel, a post office / general store, an angling book shop, a village hall and a large holiday park.
  3. Grant funded the organization's start-up through the sale of his split cane rod collection, his angling book collection, and through donations solicited from a nationwide cohort of supporters.
  4. The timber pulpit has a protruding timber cross against a white background on the front face and sides that angle out towards the top, which has an angled book holder elevated on a tubular metal stand.
  5. T . C . Kingsmill Moore, who later became Justice of the Supreme Court stayed in the hotel in 1932 to fish on the lake and feature his experience in his acclaimed angling book, A Man May Fish.
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  7. ""'The American Angler's Book " " "'Embracing the Natural History of Sporting Fish and the Art of Taking Them with Instructions in Fly-Fishing, Fly-Making, and Rod-Making and Directions for Fish-Breeding, to which is appended Dies Piscatoriae Describing Noted Fishing-Places, and The Pleasure of Solitary Fly-Fishing " is an early American angling book by Thaddeus Norris ( 1811-1877 ) first published in 1864.


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