angle brace造句

"angle brace"是什麽意思   


  1. To put up a shelf with angle braces, first find the wall studs.
  2. There could be angled braces cross connecting them to prevent buckling and twisting.
  3. The mounting technique for the standards is similar to that of the angle braces.
  4. Another type of right-angle brace is made of pressed steel.
  5. The fuselage is constructed of aluminum angle braces bolted together to form a truss frame.
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  7. The overhang and angle brace are elaborately jig-sawn.
  8. The two angled braces will hold the post steady and plumb in both vertical directions while you finish filling the post hole.
  9. Its front porch cover is also independent from the curved, sheet-metal roof, and has decorative angle braces ( though they are less elaborate ).
  10. Repairs included removing vegetation, repairing the wall and fence, extending the wall and fence a short distance, and reinforcing the fence posts with angle braces.
  11. Dominus, was the hoist building where you once worked supported by angle braces and of a similarly ( perhaps deceptively ) flimsy appearance as this one ? talk ) 15 : 26, 27 May 2013 ( UTC)
  12. To hold the living room walls together beneath the cathedral ceiling and across the 24-foot span of the roof, Dickinson gave Ms . Resnick and de Konkoly-Thege a choice : completely invisible steel angle bracing, a thick wood crossbeam or thin steel tie rods.
  13. He was a prolific designer of buildings for the town and " was probably responsible for a number of distinctive local building features, such as ogee-profiled verandah roofs, close-spaced studs with cut-in angle braces and a distinctive colour scheme of cream walls and red roofs ."


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