angle branch造句

"angle branch"是什麽意思   


  1. It has many four-angled branches with linear or lance-shaped leaves each 1 to 3 centimeters long.
  2. "The eagle landed in a tree, and stood on an angled branch looking down at the duck, " said Hjartoey.
  3. Babette Holland, a home furnishings designer in TriBeCa, named her menorah, with an industrial feel to its angled branches, for her grandfather.
  4. Work began to fix incorrect pruning techniques-- removing co-dominant leaders, discontinuing " hat racking " and " lion's tailing, " eliminating narrow-angled branches-- of the remaining trees.
  5. They excavate their nests in the earth nests of the arboreal termites of the genus " Nasutitermes ", the termites fix their nests to a liana or vine or angled branch at about 4-5m above the forest floor.
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  7. It has the relatively broad thallus, the 3-angled branches, the dilated branching node-like areas ( plant stem ), and the wide spreading terminal branches that characterizes the species, but unlike the Channel Island specimens, its longitudinal ridges are more sharply angled, and the subterminal apothecia have extended branches as seen in " N . disrupta ".
  8. They can also be distinguished in winter by the more shrubby habit with stiffer, wider-angled branches of " P . spinosa "; in summer by the relatively narrower leaves of " P . spinosa ", more than twice as long as broad; and in autumn by the colour of the fruit skin purplish-black in " P . spinosa " and yellow or red in " P . cerasifera ".


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