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  1. Special forward detectors are arranged down to small angles close to the beam pipe.
  2. Over the fence, the rider keeps the angles closed.
  3. Commonly haploscopes employ front-surfaced mirrors placed at different angles close to the eyes to reflect the images into the eyes.
  4. Thus at short distances the lines cross at angles close to 90 degrees, and this angle steadily reduces with range.
  5. However, even these two maxima only appear at definite incidence angles close to the Bragg angle, \ theta _ B.
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  7. The physical laws for Rutherford backscattering in an angle close to 180?are conservation of energy and conservation of linear momentum.
  8. This may be why angles close to the golden ratio often show up in phyllotaxis ( the growth of plants ).
  9. Compare all the angles between hooks and chains, and you will see that the " correct " picture has angles closer to 180.
  10. Their rigorous, compassionate methods _ and their fondness for hand-held cameras and tight, oddly angled close-ups _ seem to have influenced Geoffrey Enthoven.
  11. Sassoon, who started his career in London, attracted attention first in 1963 when he cut the bob into sharp angles close to the face.
  12. :: That can't happen in the Northern Hemisphere outside of the tropics, and in the tropics it would rise at an angle close to vertical.
  13. The navigator will have more confidence in a position fix that is formed by a small cocked hat with angles close to those of an equilateral triangle.
  14. You are not going to want a wide-angle close-up of a lion on the Serengeti plain since that would put you within a paw stretch of being dinner.
  15. CRT technology remained dominant in the PC monitor market into the new millennium partly because it was cheaper to produce and offered viewing angles close to 180 degrees.
  16. The lines are dark brown, the first from the costa shortly before the middle, acutely angled close to the costa, then oblique to near the base of the inner margin.
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