1. Annnd, I'm horrible about checking back.
  2. :: The big fish : Computational complexity theory . . some others : Computability theory ( computer science ) Recursion theory Delta Debugging NP-complete Oracle machine Rice's theorem ( it's impossible to look at any code without executing it and tell what it does, although the theorem is a more general case than that ) Abstract machine Context-free grammar ( an interesting problem in NP-completeness ) Automata theory Abstraction ( computer science ) Post correspondence problem ( a very simple similar problem to the halting problem but is easier to understand ) Kolmogorov complexity ( the blue whale of impossiblility problems, and surprisingly pertinent to code analysis-it's not necessarily analyzable beyond just stating the code itself ) Annnd of course the obligatory G鰀el's incompleteness theorems.
  3. It's difficult to find annnd in a sentence. 用annnd造句挺難的


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