1. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, substitute Anteneh Feleke scored in the 80th minute as Ethiopia shocked Liberia 1-0 in Group 2.
  2. Substitute Anteneh Feleke scored in the 80th minute to give Ethiopia a 1-0 victory over Liberia in an AFrican Cup of Nations qualifier Sunday.
  3. At the 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics, Cherono became the first woman to retain the 3000 m junior title as she held off a challenge from Emebet Anteneh to become the first gold medallist of the event.
  4. "' Anteneh Addisu "', known by his stage name "'ANTHM "', is a rapper from Manhattan, NY . Of Ethiopian descent, ANTHM was born in Russia, but spent parts of his childhood in Germany and Dallas, TX . Before pursuing a rap career, ANTHM attended Duke University, then went on to become a trader at the Wall Street firm Citigroup.
  5. It's difficult to find anteneh in a sentence. 用anteneh造句挺難的


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