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  1. Common bricks and antique bricks, especially the salmon-colored ones, will not last very long.
  2. The fountain contained antique brick from the Erie Canal.
  3. Q . Two of my floors are antique brick in a nice herringbone pattern and mortared.
  4. A . I have no idea how to antique bricks except as you described, but whitewash is really passe.
  5. You can save the bricks for future use, or, if they are quite old, sell them as antique bricks, if you can find a buyer.
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  7. At Wirthmore Antiques, the setting ( antique brick floors, an antique French fireplace brought over from a chalet ) is as impressive as the country French antique pottery and furniture.
  8. As houses and factories are toppled, he is racing, single-handedly and with nothing more than his chisel and a bicycle, to rescue as many of the antique bricks as possible before they are carted away as landfill, an all too common fate.
  9. The region was traversed by the main line of the Kot Kamalia and Harappa contain large mounds of antique bricks and other ruins left by the Indus Valley Civilisation, while many other remains of ancient cities or villages lie scattered along the river bank, or dotted the then-barren stretches of the central waste.
  10. At the present time, in the showcase there are : copies of the pitcher, several bowls and oil lamplets, and "'the originals "': antique brick, which belongs to the oldest cultural layer on this site and several pieces of  Turkish pipes, which belong to the youngest cultural horizon in the  Pionirski Park.


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