1. The Burmese comedian, Zarganar, has frequently performed in anyeint.
  2. The pattala is also prominently featured in Burmese drama, anyeint.
  3. Zaganar and Kutho were successful comedians in early " anyeint " revival.
  4. The name " anyeint " comes from a Burmese language word meaning " gentle ".
  5. In 1986, he formed the Mya Ponnama Anyeint troupe whose shows frequently appeared on television.
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  7. From 1988 to 1992, a military curfew at night prohibited all-night anyeint performances.
  8. In 1986, he formed the Mya Ponnama Anyeint troupe, whose performances have appeared on television.
  9. In the mid-1980s, Zarganar and his comedians were the main draw to their anyeint show.
  10. The Burmese performance art Htein Lin has also performed anyeint, which is an influence in his performance art.
  11. The costumes of " anyeint " performers are identical to those worn by puppets in traditional marionette theater.
  12. The first known anyeint troupe was formed in Mandalay around 1900, by comedian U Chit Phwe and his wife, dancer Ma Sein Thone.
  13. Today, Anyeint shows are still nominally led by female performers but the comedians-cum-social commentators are what most people go to see.
  14. Now, she is actively participating as a Myanmar traditional dancer with'Rose'group in'Rose Anyeint'which is held for charities.
  15. Well-known film actresses and singers, including May Than Nu and Yadana Khin, are often featured as lead " anyeint " actresses.
  16. The " anyeint minthami " dances to instrumental music and singing either a cappella or to music are interspersed with comedic dialogue and slapstick performed by clowns.
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