1. The Record, first published in 1997, had previously replaced an older publication called Aontas.
  2. "' AONTAS-The Irish National Adult Learning Organisation "'is an Irish non-governmental organisation for the promotion and facilitation of adult learning.
  3. It included a 27-member film orchestra, Discovery Gospel choir, 12-member Aontas Choir, 10-member Extreme Rhythm Drummers with an 11-piece bag pipe ensemble.
  4. Membership of AONTAS includes individuals as well as a number of state bodies such as Education and Training Boards ETBs, community education organisations, trade unions, Institutes of Technology, providers of learning, and community projects amongst others.
  5. The word " aontas " ( ) is Irish for " union ", but is also a backronym for " Aos Oideachais N醝si鷑ta Tr?Aont?Saor醠ach ", meaning " national adult education through voluntary unification ".
  6. It's difficult to find aontas in a sentence. 用aontas造句挺難的
  7. In 1994 Dr MacGreil served as president of Aontas the Irish national adult learning organisation, in 1981 Dr . MacGreil chaired a special working party on the Jesuit Catholic Workers College, which was to evolve into the National College of Ireland.
  8. YSI is a member of AONTAS-The Irish National Adult Learning Organisation, Youth and Environment Europe ( YEE ), the European Youth Science Network ( EURYSN ), the Mouvement international pour le loisir scientifique et technique, ( MILSET; ), and the International Network for Information on Science and Technology Education ( INISTE ) . " Science Link " is the newsletter published by Youth Science Ireland.
  9. The Students'Union Communications Officer is responsible for the publication of " The University Times ", which is published every three weeks by the Students'Union . " The University Times " is an independent newspaper and has distanced itself from being known as the voice of the Students'Union, as its predecessor publications had been ( " The University Record ", " Aontas " ).


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