1. Aonuma suggested that they not use a boat in this title.
  2. Aonuma considered underwater gameplay in the remaster significantly improved.
  3. The dungeons were designed by Eiji Aonuma.
  4. In November 2016, Aonuma received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Joystick Awards.
  5. Christopher Aonuma, in Japan is a blond teenager who conquers others by coldly eliminating them.
  6. It's difficult to find aonuma in a sentence. 用aonuma造句挺難的
  7. Aonuma chose to revisit the idea of Link entering walls, as it had already been prototyped.
  8. Aonuma felt that the team had created new ways of playing, while retaining several elements from the series.
  9. "The Wind Waker " was directed by Eiji Aonuma and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.
  10. In a later interview, Aonuma's comments on the game's playability brought this release window into doubt.
  11. The Fusion Fighters also finds themselves at odds with Blue Flare, led by Christopher Aonuma ( Kiriha Anouma in Japan ).
  12. Aonuma commented that because the puzzles were designed by a designer who was formerly a programmer, they felt different to him.
  13. This year, auto sales in Japan are expected to grow by around 3 percent, said Tokyo-Mitsubishi Securities analyst Hideaki Aonuma.
  14. Aonuma felt that this book felt like it would fit with the series, though he did not tell the other developers about it.
  15. He advised that Aonuma should start by doing what could not be done in " Ocarina of Time ", particularly horseback combat.
  16. The visual model for Shishio is Aonuma Shizuma of " sexy companion, " a pipe, a folding screen, and an umbrella.
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