1. His former students include internationally known mandolinists Avi Avital and Carlo Aonzo.
  2. In 1919 Aonzo left the navy and became the captain of various merchant ship.
  3. Brent attended the Berklee College of Music, and studied the mandolin under Carlo Aonzo in Savona, Italy.
  4. For this action Aonzo received the Gold Medal of Military Valor and promotion to " Sottotenente di Vascello"
  5. Today representatives of Italian classical music and Italian classical-contemporary music include Ugo Orlandi, Carlo Aonzo, Dorina Frati, Mauro Squillante and Duilio Galfetti.
  6. It's difficult to find aonzo in a sentence. 用aonzo造句挺難的
  7. Gambetta recorded the album " Traversata : Italian Music in America " ( Acoustic Disc, 2001 ) with guitarist David Grisman and mandolinist Carlo Aonzo.
  8. Luigi Rizzo's MAS fired a torpedo that hit and sunk, Aonzo fired his torpedoes against that was hit but the torpedoes didn't explode.
  9. More contemporary composers for the mandolin include Giuseppe Anedda ( a virtuoso performer and teacher of the first chair of the Conservatory of Italian mandolin ), Carlo Aonzo and Dorina Frati.
  10. ""'Traversata " "'is a collaborative album by American mandolinist David Grisman, Italian mandolinist Carlo Aonzo, and Italian guitarist Beppe Gambetta, playing guitar, mandolin, and the 14-string harp guitar.


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