1. Aoo american oceanic organization
  2. 2s ( th / u4u and 227th / 2x " th dating on two mammal fossil teeth gave age ranging from 85 to 139 ka , which evidence the stratigraphic order between the capping flowstone and the underlying fossil - bearing deposits and support to the age assignment of older than ca . aoo ka to die hominid fossil teeth
    伴生的貘牙化石和鹿牙化石的二種鈾系法年代范圍為85 - 139ka ,表明該地點含化石堆積與表層鈣板間無地層倒序現象,支持人牙化石大于100ka的結論。
  3. The xinyu investment attracting service center shall provide " one stop " service to the foreign invertors , offering free consultation service about investment environment and policies , projects recommendation ; free going through aoo the procedures and altering formalities of application for establishment of foreign invested enterprises as an agent ; and acting as an agent for the foreign invested enterprises to apply for customs registration , taxation , accouting and audit , etc ; helping make investigations of enterprises credit and market products and to find offices , etc
  4. It's difficult to find aoo in a sentence. 用aoo造句挺難的


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