1. The preordained frangibility of the hymen , the presupposed intangibility of the thing in itself : the incongruity and disproportion between the selfprolonging tension of the thing proposed to be done and the self abbreviating relaxation of the thing done : the fallaciously inferred debility of the female , the muscularity of the male : the variations of ethical codes : the natural grammatical transition by inversion involving no alteration of sense of an aorist preterite proposition parsed as masculine subject , monosyllabic onomatopic transitive verb with direct feminine object from the active voice into its correlative aorist preterite proposition parsed as feminine subject , auxiliary verb and quasimonosyllabic onomatopic past participle with complementary masculine agent in the passive voice : the continued product of seminators by generation : the continual production of semen by distillation : the futility of triumph or protest or vindication : the inanity of extolled virtue : the lethargy of nescient matter : the apathy of the stars
    女性之虛弱及男性之強韌乃基于謬誤的臆測。道德的準則是可變的。自然的語法轉換:在不引起意思變動的情況下,由主動語態不定過去式命題從語法上分析:男性主語,單音節擬聲及物動詞,女性直接賓語轉位到相關的被動語態不定過去式命題: 3 ”從語法上分析:女性主語,助動詞與準單音節擬聲過去分詞,男性主動補語。
  2. It's difficult to find aorist in a sentence. 用aorist造句挺難的


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