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  1. Here is a congenital bicuspid aortic valve
  2. Aortic valve retractor
  3. There is a tear ( arrow ) located 7 cm above the aortic valve and proximal to the great vessels in this aorta with marked atherosclerosis . this is an aortic dissection
    主動脈瓣以上7厘米處有一破裂(箭頭所指) ,主動脈管近端顯示明顯的動脈粥樣硬化。
  4. “ mutations in notch 1 cause an early developmental defect in the aortic valve , ” said dr vidu garg , an assistant professor of paediatrics and molecular biology
    Notch 1基因突變,引起主動脈瓣膜的早期發育缺陷,小兒科和分子生物學助理教授維杜加爾格博士表示。
  5. A cardioembolic source was highly suspected because of the presence of multiple lesions , the patient ' s history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and a fibroelastoma over aortic valve noted via transesophageal echocardiography
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  7. A thorough family history should be taken because many cardiac disorders ( eg , coronary artery disease [ cad ] , systemic hypertension , bicuspid aortic valve , hypertrophic cardiomyopathy , mitral valve prolapse ) have a heritable basis
    很多心臟疾病(如冠狀動脈疾病( cad ) 、全身性高血壓、二葉主動脈瓣疾病、肥厚型心肌病、二尖瓣脫垂)都有遺傳基礎,因此應收集詳盡的家族病史。
  8. The aortic valve demonstrates a large , irregular , reddish tan vegetation . virulent organisms , such as staphylococcus aureus , produce an " acute " bacterial endocarditis , while some organisms such as streptococcus viridans produce a " subacute " bacterial endocarditis
  9. Conclusion : mitral and aortic valves were vulnerable to calcification which was the major change of heart valve in patients with crf on maintenance hemodialysis , the degree of calcification was closely related to hyperphosphoremia , secondary hyperparathyroidism and a longer period of hemodialysis
  10. Results : among 64 cases with crf , the echocardiographic findings were mitral valve calcification ( mac ) in 9 cases , mitral regurgitation ( mr ) in 5 cases , mitral stenosis ( ms ) in 2 cases , aortic valve calcification in 12 cases , aortic regurgitation in 7 cases , combined mitral and aortic valves cacification in 5 cases , respectively
    結果: 64例患者中發現二尖瓣鈣化9例,二尖瓣返流5例,二尖瓣面積減少致狹窄2例,主動脈瓣鈣化12例,主動脈瓣返流7例,二尖瓣并發主動脈瓣鈣化3例。
  11. In addition to lung surgery , the chinese university has also pioneered in the development of minimal access heart surgery . aortic valve replacement and aortic root replacement can now be safely carried out through a partial sternotomy , instead of through a conventional full sternotomy and thus , the trauma to body tissues and postoperative pain are greatly reduced


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