apical margin造句

"apical margin"是什麽意思   


  1. The hindwings are light grey, darker toward the apical margin.
  2. Some indistinct dark fuscous dots are found around the apical margin.
  3. The hindwings are grey, the apical margin suffused with whitish.
  4. The posterior costal and apical margin are ochreous-yellow.
  5. There are a few blackish specks around the apical margin.
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  7. There are also some black spots along the apical margin.
  8. Several minute whitish dots are found on the apical margin.
  9. The apical margin has a row of faint, transverse fuscous dots.
  10. The hindwing ground color is whitish, getting dark towards the apical margin.
  11. Within the apical margin, a grey streak fuses with the central line.
  12. The apical margin is marked interruptedly with dark fuscous.
  13. The apical margin marked with dark fuscous on each side of the apex.
  14. Some cloudy dots are found around the apical margin.
  15. The upper half of the outer margin and the apical margin are light straw.
  16. There is a row of diffuse grayish-fuscous spots around the apical margin.
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