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  1. The apical plasma membrane projects microvilli to give an increased surface area for secretion.
  2. The apical plasma membrane displays compositional variations that change at the time of implantation.
  3. These features include a loss of apical microvilli such that the apical plasma membrane becomes flattened.
  4. This is influenced by the tight junction molecules and ion / water channels in the apical plasma membrane of uterine epithelial cells.
  5. Iodotyrosine deiodinase is located on the apical plasma membrane of the thyroid colloid, where mono-and diiodotyrosine are produced from this breakdown of thyroglobulin.
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  7. It creates a meshwork 0.3 micrometers thick and consists of acidic mucopolysaccharides and glycoproteins that project from the apical plasma membrane of epithelial absorptive cells.
  8. Studies have found an increase in AQP5 channels in the apical plasma membrane which causes the uterine epithelial cells to come into contact with each other and the blastocyst.
  9. These early thoughts on uterine epithelial cells highlighted the apical plasma membrane flattening and led to the term  attachment reaction being used to describe some of the membrane changes which occur during early pregnancy.
  10. Hyphae of the Oomycota and some lower Eumycota ( notably the Zygomycota ) do not contain a recognizable Spitzenk鰎per, and the vesicles are instead distributed more loosely often in a crescent-shaped arrangement beneath the apical plasma membrane.
  11. The well known antidiuretic effect of vasopressin occurs via activation of V 2 R . The increased intracellular cAMP in the kidney in turn triggers fusion of aquaporin-2-bearing vesicles with the apical plasma membrane of the collecting duct principal cells, increasing water reabsorption.
  12. As we have also seen, in a wide diversity of species, there are changes in the apical plasma membrane which have features in common with those seen in rats and mice and in many of these other species, closure of the uterine lumen does not occur.


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