1. Principal sculptors Thomas Ducket and Henry Apperly worked on the elaborate carvings that were a feature of the stations, including angels, cherubs, and gargoyles.
  2. The central block is adapted from an 1823 design in Peter Nicholson's'The New Practical Builder'( Apperly, Irving & Reynolds, 1989 ).
  3. The work of sculptors Thomas Ducket and Henry Apperly included angels, cherubs, gargoyles and various foliage carvings featuring flowers, pears, sycamores, apples and pomegranates.
  4. The Anglo-Dutch parapet [ Apperly, p114 ] is surmounted with three spherical finials and the central pediment displays in relief the year : " 1905 ".
  5. He became convinced that new building techniques allowed the architect to create original forms, cleansed of surface ornament and free from historical style . ( Apperly & Reynolds 1993, Baldwinson)
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  7. Richard Apperly, Robert Irving and Peter Reynolds, in their " A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture & . " ( 1989 ) determine a series of styles based on " style indicators ".
  8. Finally, Surtees and Apperly found that when adults were asked to judge the number of dots they see and the number of dots the avatar in the computer simulation sees, the presence of the avatar interfered with the participants'judgment-making during the trials.


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