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  1. First of all , the algorithm base on the boundary problem of helmholtz equation and finite - difference technique , calculate the field in “ cold ” cavity and disperse the helmholtz equation , as a result of the formula : ax = x . secondly , according to the eigenvalue of matrix theory and applied iterative methods , eigenmode adopt a numerical approach which allows the improved chebyshev polynomial iteration which based on the power method to extract the isolated eigenmode in the spectrum . finally , we resolve the problem of compatibility in software and insert the eigenmode module into the chipic which will have the function of eigenmode analysis
    具體的說: ( 1 )首先以電磁理論中的亥姆霍茲方程的邊值問題理論和計算電磁學中的有限差分法為基礎,計算冷腔中的場分布并離散亥姆霍茲方程,得到標準的本征值問題: ax = x ; ( 2 )然后根據矩陣理論中的eigenvalue問題和數值計算中的迭代方法,采用改進后的chebyshev多項式,在power迭代法的基礎上對ax = x進行多項式迭代,實現對頻譜中孤立本征模的萃取; ( 3 )最后將用fortran語言編制的eigenmode模塊加入到chipic軟件中,解決了eigenmode模塊與chipic主代碼的兼容問題,從而實現了chipic軟件的模式分析功能。
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