approach the bench造句


  1. Maine and New Hampshire should not approach the bench on this matter again.
  2. Your honor, I approach the bench this morning, seeking mercy for my client.
  3. Then he had to hold off Approach the Bench and Corey Nakatani to win by inches.
  4. Even Judge Ito rolled his eyes when attorneys asked for another opportunity to approach the bench.
  5. Also, the victory erased the disappointment of last year's loss to Approach the Bench.
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  7. Grass horse-- Navarone, who nosed out Eddie Read winner Approach the Bench in the Del Mar Invitational.
  8. Teeple said in an interview Sunday that when Terry Nichols appeared for a discovery hearing he refused to approach the bench.
  9. Judge Lance Ito also asked Simpson to approach the bench when he waived his right to object to the presentation of DNA evidence.
  10. Approach the Bench finished seven lengths behind Grand Flotilla, followed by Cafe Milano, a recent French import who broke slowly, and Regency.
  11. Although appearing so frail he needed a doctor's help to approach the bench, the Italian was considered a maximum threat to prison security.
  12. A Microsoft lawyer asked to approach the bench, and the judge agreed to end proceedings for the day to let Microsoft regroup and try again Thursday.
  13. As a 5-year-old, he accompanied his mother to court hearings and liked to approach the bench for pretend conferences with the judge.
  14. After comforting Norma, Dr . Besant approaches the bench and confesses his guilt, saying he has done wrong and is willing to pay the price.
  15. During trials, attorneys will ask the court's permission to traverse the well or " approach the bench " for " sidebar " conferences with the judge.
  16. McAnally said, recalling how Nakatani whipped left-handed to make Approach the Bench drift outward in the stretch, subtly intimidating the on-rushing Fastness and Johann Quatz.
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