approach to learning造句

"approach to learning"是什麽意思   


  1. i rejiggered my approach to learning and am doing better
  2. an approach to learning strategy in point of information processing
  3. this new approach to learning can take some getting used to
  4. the business school emphasises a lifelong approach to learning, and is equally committed to teaching and research
  5. launched 2-year programme " creative approach to learning liberal studies " as sponsored by quality education fund
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  7. facilitate the development of knowledge management and update the approaches to learning and knowledge transfer for the sector
  8. this is in line with our liberal arts ethos to foster independent thinking and an autonomous approach to learning
  9. this is a constructionist approach to learning : the children are given the phonic tools to construct and sound out new words by themselves
  10. core of the myp : 5 areas of interaction ( approaches to learning, community and service, homo faber, environment and health and social education )
  11. an excellent book for new traders, 30 days to market mastery outlines an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement approach to learning how to trade
  12. we should maintain a lifelong . childlike approach to learning, reflected in such qualities as inquisitiveness, an eager thirst for knowledge and a willingness to be taught
  13. new technologies make possible new approaches to learning, new contexts for learning, new tools to support learning, and new ideas of what can be learned
  14. the course offers one of the largest inventories of toeic exam-like questions, test simulation of the real toeic exam and clevercourse fun, fast and effective approach to learning
  15. they realize that economic conditions will ultimately shift and that they will need to prepare for changes by maintaining a long-term approach to learning within the company
  16. we are constatnly educating ourselves in new and innovative learning techniques . we take the best of teaching techniques from around the world so our students benefit from a truly international approach to learning
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