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  1. When this is the case the term in the brackets approaches unity.
  2. Dispersion increases with decreasing crystallite size and approaches unity at a crystallite diameter of about 1 nm.
  3. For a lossy line the expression is only valid adjacent to the termination; VSWR asymptotically approaches unity with distance from the termination or discontinuity.
  4. For both under and over excited motors, the power factor ( p . f . ) tends to approach unity with increase in mechanical load.
  5. The filling factor F approaches unity especially quickly in the spiral-shaped cladding, due to the special boundary behavior of the modes of the Dirichlet Laplacian.
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  7. If the solutions in the and phases are dilute ( rich in one particular component ) then activity coefficient of the component approaches unity and the Gibbs isotherm becomes:
  8. Note that in the limit as \ alpha approaches unity, the x-rays are fully penetrating, and the scattered intensity approaches a periodic delta function, as in bulk diffraction.
  9. This means that the integral of the limiting ( bivariate normal ) distribution over the unit ball will not be equal to unity, but rather approach unity as " N " approaches infinity.
  10. This is essential when the width of the features to be defined is similar to or less than the thickness of the material being etched ( i . e . when the aspect ratio approaches unity ).
  11. If the functions A and B are linear and AB is smaller than unity, then the overall system gain from the input to output is finite, but can be very large as AB approaches unity.
  12. The manner in which diffusion takes place is dependent on the relationship between " E diff " and " k B T " as is given in the thermodynamic factor : when " E diff B T " the thermodynamic factor approaches unity and " E diff " ceases to be a meaningful barrier to diffusion.
  13. Frank C . Whitmore and Nicholas Hotton, in their joint tongue-in-cheek response to an article " Fantastic Animals " ( " Smithsonian Magazine ", 1972 ), expounded the taxonomy of sidehill gougers ( " Membriinequales declivitous " ), noting in particular " the sidehill dodger, which inhabits the Driftless Area of Wisconsin; the dextrosinistral limb ratio approaches unity although the metapodials on the downhill side are noticeably stouter ."


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