arithmetic coder造句


  1. A bitwise arithmetic coder such as DMC has two components, a predictor and an arithmetic coder.
  2. A bitwise arithmetic coder such as DMC has two components, a predictor and an arithmetic coder.
  3. These estimates determine the two sub-ranges that the arithmetic coder uses to encode the bin.
  4. The bits selected by these coding passes then get encoded by a context-driven binary arithmetic coder, namely the binary MQ-coder.
  5. This is fed into an arithmetic coder, which adds only a small fraction of a bit to the output sequence if the more probable pixel is then encountered.
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  7. The arithmetic coder in PAQ is implemented by maintaining for each prediction a lower and upper bound on " x ", initially [ 0, 1 ].
  8. In practice, though, so-called range " encoders " tend to be implemented pretty much as described in Martin's paper, while arithmetic coders more generally tend not to be called range encoders.
  9. The arithmetic coder makes an identical series of range splits, then selects the range containing " p " " x " and outputs the bit " x " " i " corresponding to that subrange.
  10. :: : : : : The compression ( 7z ) is so efficient because it's an intricate LZ code followed by entropy coding using ( I believe ) a dynamic Markov model driving a range coder ( similar to an arithmetic coder, I think ).
  11. In general, arithmetic coders can produce near-optimal output for any given set of symbols and probabilities ( the optimal value is & minus; log " 2 P " bits for each symbol of probability " P ", see source coding theorem ).
  12. The arithmetic coder maintains two high precision binary numbers, " p " low and " p " high, representing the possible range for the total probability that the model would assign to all strings lexicographically less than " x ", given the bits of " x " seen so far.


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