arithmetic combinatorics造句


  1. One important technique in arithmetic combinatorics is the ergodic theory of dynamical systems.
  2. Arithmetic combinatorics arose out of the interplay between number theory, combinatorics, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis.
  3. He also introduced the Gowers norms, a tool in arithmetic combinatorics, and provided the basic techniques for analysing them.
  4. "' Tamar Debora Ziegler "'is an Israeli mathematician known for her work in ergodic theory and arithmetic combinatorics.
  5. In addition to their role in geometry, nilmanifolds are increasingly being seen as having a role in arithmetic combinatorics ( see Green Tao ) and ergodic theory ( see, e . g ., Host Kra ).
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  7. He currently focuses on harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic combinatorics, arithmetic combinatorics, geometric combinatorics, compressed sensing and analytic number theory ., he holds the James and Carol Collins chair in mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles.


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