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  1. We monitor height, weight and arm circumference of every student, along with attendance and graduation rates to measure the success of this program.
  2. The mid-upper arm circumference is the circumference of the upper arm at that same midpoint, measured with a non-stretchable tape measure.
  3. Nutritional factors include zinc intake, which has been shown to have effects on both the triceps skin fold thickness and the mid-upper arm circumference.
  4. Even which arm is measured matters, since mid-upper arm circumference is generally greater on the dominant arm ( e . g . the right arm for right-handed people ).
  5. Epi Info 7 includes a number of nutritional anthropometric functions that can assist in recording and evaluating measurements of length, stature, weight, head circumference, and arm circumference for children and adolescents.
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  7. "' Moustafa Ismail "'aka "'Mo Ismail "'is an Egyptian bodybuilder, actor, producer and synthol-using athlete who holds the Guinness World Records for the largest upper arm circumference in the world.


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