1. The name Arriate is derived from the Arab term Arriadh, which means " the gardens ".
  2. Arriate looks out to the highlands from the slopes of the Guadalcobac韓 ( Guadiaro tributary ), in the Ronda depression.
  3. It was then that it adopted its actual name of Arriate, probably taking the name from an estate which had existed since the Arab times.
  4. In spite of the scarcity of facts known about the history of Arriate, judging by the caves in the rocks on the banks of the river, it is possible that man s presence in these lands comes from very remote times.
  5. Arriate, also claims a privileged surrounding, and although it is on the outside of the municipality, acts as a background in which there are the Sierras de Las Cumbres ( 911 m . ) and Salinas ( 954 m . ) mostly covered in holm-oak woods, and the Dehesa de Parchite.
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