1. Arriazu, 24, has been a prime feeder of this keen interest.
  2. Arriazu now denies all connection to the wiretapping.
  3. Arriazu and Fernandez went to New York together.
  4. But when Arriazu took those pictures, he didn't know who the woman was.
  5. In essence, he's terrified, " said another lawyer for Arriazu, Michael Hertzberg.
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  7. The jury also found Carlos Fernandez, a Miami private detective hired by Arriazu, guilty of eavesdropping.
  8. But they are also the fervid business of Arriazu and a large segment of the sensation-seeking European press.
  9. The lawyer said Arriazu was just a naif who had been deceived by " a supreme con man,"
  10. Arriazu's father, Santiago, a well-known journalist in Madrid, insisted on his son's innocence.
  11. Arriazu was standing nearby, and he later told investigators that Jiminez and Fernandez were eavesdropping on the young woman's line.
  12. If convicted of the felony charge of eavesdropping, Arriazu would face a jail sentence of one and a half to four years.
  13. His lawyers depicted young Carlos Hugo Arriazu Sanchez as just an honest, hardworking paparazzo, caught up with bad company while taking pictures of celebrities.
  14. Carlos Arriazu Sanchez, 24, of Madrid, and Carlos Fernandez, 42, of Miami, were sentenced for eavesdropping and possession of eavesdropping devices.
  15. Howard, 26, testified that Arriazu photographed her while she and Prince Felipe, 28, romped on a beach on the Caribbean island of St . Martin.
  16. Howard, the American woman whose phone Arriazu, 24, was accused of bugging _ and who European tabloids have called the girlfriend of the Crown Prince of Spain.
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