1. Arribada : Spanish for " arrival ."
  2. Gravid females land in groups on beaches in what is commonly called an " arribada"
  3. A m閟, havien participat en l'arribada segura a l'illa de 143.358 persones.
  4. But ridley sea turtles come ashore en masse, known as an " arribada " ( arrival ).
  5. The other arribada rookeries are at Devi River mouth ( Ashtaranga Beach ) and Rushikulya River Mouth ( Gokurkhuda Beach ) have also recorded dwindling turtle nesting.
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  7. For example, in Playa Nancite, Costa Rica, only 0.2 % of the 11.5 million eggs produced in a single " arribada " successfully hatched.
  8. Then, all at once, in a magnificent sight, vast numbers of turtles come ashore at the Gahirmatha Beach and lay clutches of eggs in what is known as an " arribada ".
  9. A full-fledged arrival, called an arribada, occurs in a virtual swarm, with females rushing onto the beach to dig shallow nests in the soft sand, in which they will lay as many as 100 eggs.
  10. Many believe the massive reproductive output of these nesting events is critical to maintaining populations, while others maintain the traditional " arribada " beaches fall far short of their reproductive potential and are most likely not sustaining population levels.
  11. Conservation successes for the olive ridley have relied on well-coordinated national programs in combination with local communities and nongovernment organizations, which focused primarily on public outreach and education . " Arribada " management has also played a critical role in conserving olive ridleys.
  12. Today, the beach guards and volunteers attend the arribada, rounding up eggs virtually as quickly as the female turtles can bury them, and quickly reburying them in any one of three fenced corals, the largest about half the size of a football field, out of the reach of predators and poachers.


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