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  1. It is a large tropical liana native to tubocurare arrow poison.
  2. This latex is used as an arrow poison and as a fish stunning poison.
  3. The San people of Southern Africa use diamphotoxin as an arrow poison for hunting game.
  4. Other uses for this plant include arrow poison in Nigeria and snake repellent in India.
  5. Several African tribes used " Strophanthus " as the principal ingredient in arrow poison.
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  7. In Indonesia, an extract of air potato is used in the preparation of arrow poison.
  8. It has also been utilized extensively as an arrow poison by the Casamance people of Senegal.
  9. On the Mentawai Islands, west of Sumatra, the latex is one of the ingredients in an arrow poison.
  10. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " A laevigata " is native to Tanzania and Malawi.
  11. The article chemical warfare mentiones use of arrow poison by the San people 10000 years ago, but with no reference.
  12. The word " curare " comes from the South American Indian name for the arrow poison, " ourare ".
  13. Habitat is forests from sea-level to altitude . " T . macrocarpa " has been used as arrow poison.
  14. Other species of " Scadoxus " have been used in parts of tropical Africa as components of arrow poisons and fishing poisons.
  15. The Hottentots, Bushmen and Bantu were aware of its poisonous nature and used parts of the plant medicinally and as an arrow poison.
  16. The plant has also been used as arrow poison . " S . speciosus " is native to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland.
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