as above mentioned造句

"as above mentioned"是什麽意思   


  1. As above mentioned , you can not learn english well overnight
  2. Chapter one introduces the fundamental definition and characteristics of securities investment funds in china . as above mentioned , funds market is booming and experiencing a fast growing period currently
  3. The finite element simulation with computational fluid dynamics ( cfd ) method was used to calculate the heat dissipation by airflow and the temperature distribution in passenger compartment of a car . the reasonability of three models as above mentioned was validated
  4. We define users to be those people who receive and employ information in their various research and teaching activities . generally speaking , they have little formal training in computerized management or information search . they are customarily known as common users , or end users as above mentioned
  5. As above mentioned , china ' s agribusiness must rapidly enlarge enterprise scale by the m & a of asset to form a batch of international competition - participating agribarons and groups with famous band and independent knowledge property right , and thus displacing the dispersive small - scale peasant economy , ending the period of chinese several thousand rural self - supply natural economy and petty commodity economy , and making it
  6. It's difficult to find as above mentioned in a sentence. 用as above mentioned造句挺難的
  7. As above mentioned , the comprehensive strength of jiangsheng company , trust of the clients and the accumulation of the experiences and achievements makes jiangsheng company has the ability to undertake all kinds of architectural decoration project of domestic & abroad as well as provide excellent and efficient service for clients
  8. Little suitable experience can be summarized from practical work using for reference . for the sake of such circumstances as above mentioned , in the course of the public security unit ' s work on public security administrative hearing , there are lots of problems which not only influence normal carrying out of the hearing work but also harm the legitimate rights and interests of client and other interested parties demanding prompt solution . with a view to improving the development of public security administrative hearing , having introduced the exact meaning and studied the theory sources and developing history of the hearing system , together with analyzed its value and functions , especially according to its present characteristics and current situations , also combined with the research achievements


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