as advertised造句


  1. The Brazilians were, as advertised, magicians in short pants.
  2. All letters must be clearly identified as advertising, he said.
  3. Billboard prices are firm and getting better as advertising expenditures increase,
  4. In 1989 she moved to TV Guide as advertising sales director.
  5. And the problems with stopping opposing runners also came as advertised.
  6. It's difficult to find as advertised in a sentence. 用as advertised造句挺難的
  7. They have a great defense, certainly as good as advertised.
  8. Cameron's set was as intense and demanding as advertised.
  9. A bestseller if : The defense is as good as advertised.
  10. "He's as good as advertised,"
  11. Like WebMD, it has sold subscriptions as well as advertising.
  12. It expects to earn revenue from shopping as well as advertising.
  13. People still want to believe Sharon will begin behaving as advertised.
  14. It involved booking barter transactions with other companies as advertising revenue.
  15. There are many people who make a living as advertising models.
  16. Going by title alone, it's exactly as advertised.
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